Features & benefits

We track an unlimited number of assets across your entire category, and distil the data into practical insights.

eBench is intuitive and easy to navigate, and help is available when you need it.

Feat perfomance managment

Performance management

Help team understand what’s working, what isn’t and why

Feat celebrating wins

Celebrating wins

Digital involves much hard graft which can go unrecognised

Feat knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing

Increase “Digital Horsepower” of entire team

Feat strategy


Define digital strategy across every aspect of the mix

Features flexability

Fine-grained control

High flexibility in how you define your market
Features spotlight

Customized metrics

Select the metrics that fit your strategy
Features platforms


Compare performance across platforms
Features performance

Relevant context

Assess performance in a competitive context
Winning platforms

Winning platforms

Understand where to play and how to win
Features zoom

Zoom in

Zoom in trends over time, and the activities behind spikes
Features brands

Full coverage

Track thousands of brands, media properties and influencers
Features getlink

Share insights

Email interactive views to colleagues with “Get link” feature. Adapt slides for PowerPoint with custom legends, labels and color schemespikes
Feat perfomance managment

Calendar planning

Create and refine a rolling calendar of activity

Feat partnerships


Amplify brand reach by finding & negotiating relevant partnerships

Feat ecommerce


Shepherd brand consumers to eCommerce destinations

Feat media

Media / sponsorships

Digital platforms are becoming media platforms to rival TV

Features bloggers

Bloggers, celebrities and media:

See beyond other brands to all the influencers shaping your category
Features hashtags

Trending Hashtags

Integrate trending hashtags into your content calendar
Features identity

Partner discovery

Who is influential? Who is growing? Who is talking about you?
Features facebook

Facebook post sponsorship

Increase sponsorship of high-grip posts, and reduce sponsorship of poor ones
Feat briefing and creation

Briefing & creation

Write inspiring briefs based on understanding what works

Feat deployment


Deploy creative in a way that maximises impact

Feat events


Take an event (e.g. World Cup sponsorship), and maximize it

Feat data marketing

Data marketing

Drive targeted engagement through data and CRM

Features peak

See peaks

Hover over a peak to see what content was behind it. Select any time window
Features slice and dice

Slice and dice

Sort content on any platform by any metric
Features tableau

Download data

Download videos, posts & tweets to Excel

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