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Great brands tell great stories

Our research has shown that in digital, a few brands
dramatically out-perform the traditional players

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Total Engagement - 6 months to Jan 2016

The reason is that these brands have “grip”.
They understand:

What themes and topics do consumers care about? Why? When?
Visual semiotics
Content analysis. How to bring content to life? What are the codes that consumers respond to? How do they change by season? By market? By category?
How to access the “exponential economy” – working with others to amplify each activity.

eBench is a digital intelligence company
founded on a user-friendly online platform

See what is engaging consumers, identify trending themes by their hashtags and make your creative resonant and topical
Analyze the strategies of “Insider” brands, select platforms & allocate investments. Drive traffic to eCommerce
Track how you are doing each month and align your organization

We also offer

1-page summary featuring key competitive moves and top content
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Microrama Reports
Category/market performance deep dive, case studies, emerging trends. Builds digital marketers’ knowledge and strategic know-how
One-off consultancy
Kick-start your transformation with a comprehensive view of what success looks like and how to get there

Investment reports

Our data shows that Insider brands achieve disproportionate shareholder returns.

They sustain differentiation and premium, while traditional brands become increasingly commoditized.

We prepare category, brand and company reports for analysts and investors.