By marketing, for marketing

Meet the team responsible for eBench

Derek Hill

15 years marketing experience with Unilever on brands like Axe, Surf and Dove. Most recently Director – Return on Marketing investment.

Quite geeky (some would say very). Studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge

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Matthew Burns

15 years experience at P&G, McKinsey, and most recently as an advisor to ambitious brands on marketing ROI,
digital marketing, and innovation strategy.

Studied economics, philosophy and international relations at Wake Forest University and University of Chicago.

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Stephanie Santayana

Trained Semiotician and multi-cultural specialist. Completed her Masters in Art History at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. Cuban-American, Mandarin speaker, and currently residing in Brooklyn.

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Gregory Deeley

Started his career as a Strategy Consultant at L.E.K. Consulting, and most recently spent 2 years as a digital analytics expert for Coca-Cola Enterprises.

Studied Modern Languages at Oxford.

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Kristina Mitkovska

Researcher and linguist, fluent in five European languages. Previously worked as translator and interpreter. Not sure how to classify a brand? Kristina will be the judge!

Vincent Zhu

Open source active contributer, 10+ years experience as architect, expert in ruby/rails, nodejs programming and team leading.

A quick learner working in various skills (ruby,angularjs,nodejs,docker,spark and etc) daily. While not working, enjoy reading books and park run!

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Dmitry Lebedev

Experienced full-stack developer. Create web apps since 2010.

Bernardo Simões

Experienced full stack developer. Completed MSc thesis on "Topic Detection and Tracking for Social Networks" at Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon

Jason Reynolds

Digital designer who's been crafting online experiences since 2005.

Alewi Ahmed

An experienced fullstack Javascript developer with a degree in Computer Engineering. Working at the intersection of nodejs, typescript, docker, kubernetes, React and graphql to name a few. Always eager to learn new things

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